"Winning the war on Cancer" a new book by Sylvie Beljanski

“Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been used for many years to fight cancer, but the success of these treatments is low at best. Research studies have discovered possible natural alternatives that may help find a cancer cure.”

Sylvie Beljanski

July 23, 2019
Winning the War on Cancer now in French

Winning The War On Cancer: Now Available in French!

  Helping people beat and cure cancer has always been the driving force behind Dr. Mirko Beljanski & The Beljanski Foundation’s research. This research reveals that natural molecules can selectively target cancer cells and work alongside many chemotherapy drugs. Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure tells my story, the quest to carry on my father Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s legacy and to discover a new treatment for cancer. The book combines scientific information with a tale of defiance, hope, despair, personal growth & love.
March 26, 2019

Live-In Style Magazine Article: Winning the War on Cancer

Winning the War on Cancer: Sylvie Beljanski’s fight to affirm her father’s legacy and offer a possible alternative cure. Winning the War on Cancer is the new book by award nominated writer Sylvie Banjanski telling the gripping tale of her father Mirko Beljanski, a devoted physician who discovered a natural cancer reducing remedy. His findings, being a threat to many insurance companies caused a political altercation, causing the French government to promptly shut down his research laboratory and saw him imprisoned. The first 24 hours after his arrest he was forced to spend the night in his lab, where dangerous chemicals were sprayed by the government, leading him to his death shortly after.
October 19, 2018

Healthy Foods Fight Cancer

10/8/2018 Cancer research has come to conclude that at least one-third of cancer-related deaths directly correlate with diet and physical activity. While there is no guarantee that eating healthy will immunize you to cancer in its entirety, it does immensely lower the risk of developing the disease. According to research, 70% of lifetime risk is within a person’s control to change. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding cigarettes and exercising regularly can all contribute to lowering your risk of cancer. Science is not entirely certain what the correlation between diet and cancer is, but they have found certain habits can increase or decrease cancer risk. The consensus is that eating healthy and avoiding certain foods can help to prevent cancer as well as assist patients during treatment. Possible Link Between Diet and Cancer Nutrition experts have found that certain cancers are linked to diet and other modifiable factors. Cancers such as breast, colorectal, ovarian and endometriosis, just to name a few, are directly related to obesity. Studies suggest that it’s possible to decrease the risk of these particular cancers through dieting and exercising, however there has yet to be a clinical trial. Obesity isn’t the only factor, however. Women with a […]
October 19, 2018

Alternative Medicine Research

10/12/2018 When it comes to researching treatments for cancer and other illnesses, the medical community tends to focus on treatments that they can synthesize. Most of the time, natural treatments and remedies are not given much attention. Profits come from patents and researchers cannot patent nature. Therefore, instead of focusing on natural medicine which they can’t profit from, they use a plant extract to create a patentable product. Because of the lack of money involved in natural medicine, research lags behind the claims. However, in recent years, more work has been done to confirm the veracity of alternative and complementary anti-cancer medicines. The Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract Prior to Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s research into Rauwolfia vomitoria, there was controversy surrounding the plant extract. As talked about in Winning the War on Cancer, Jacques Servier patented an extract from Rauwolfia serpentina to treat hypertension. Using the alkaloid reserpine as the main active agent, it was marketed as “Sarpagan”. However, extracting specific alkaloids from plants can have disastrous effects. While standardizing herbs may create a more consistent product, doing so can eliminate its effectiveness due to the change in the overall composition of the extract. Rauwolfia Serpentina was being used in India for […]