Healthy Foods Fight Cancer
October 19, 2018
Winning the War on Cancer now in French
Winning The War On Cancer: Now Available in French!
July 23, 2019

Live-In Style Magazine Article: Winning the War on Cancer

Winning the War on Cancer: Sylvie Beljanski’s fight to affirm her father’s legacy and offer a possible alternative cure.

Winning the War on Cancer is the new book by award nominated writer Sylvie Banjanski telling the gripping tale of her father Mirko Beljanski, a devoted physician who discovered a natural cancer reducing remedy. His findings, being a threat to many insurance companies caused a political altercation, causing the French government to promptly shut down his research laboratory and saw him imprisoned.

The first 24 hours after his arrest he was forced to spend the night in his lab, where dangerous chemicals were sprayed by the government, leading him to his death shortly after.

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