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Reader Reviews


The book has great ideas that may be very helpful and could help save a life. With a combination of glory and story this is going to be a connection that you can easily spend hours reading.

June Gillam

Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski offers a fresh look at a devastating disease. I was especially attracted to this book after attending a friend’s poetry reading the other day. He had a rare cancer, a blood cancer, and the standard treatment he suffered though has left him barely alive, a shell of his former vigorous self. He could barely get through standing to read from his book telling the tale of his cancer journey by way of his original poetry. And while as his friend, I'm grateful for his recovery and, as a poet and writer myself, his creative way of using the literary arts as a pathway to healing, there is so much more that could have been done for him, and can be for others, to help in the treatment of this dread disease. (more…)

Mark D.

Despite the absence of soldiers and guns, the worldwide fight against cancer can truly be classified as a war, with annual casualties rising past 14 million annually. Despite the urgent need to provide a solution to this horrendous epidemic, many large pharmaceutical companies are faced with a conflict of interest between promoting the treatments that are most effective and promoting those that make the most money.     (more…)


The pharmaceutical companies seem to own the healthcare world. Botanical substances tend to be pooh-poohed—no matter the science—in favor of expensive drugs that go through an approval system that the American people, and their legislators, seem to trust. But many pharmaceuticals are based on botanical substances. Taxol, for example, is a substance from the Pacific Yew tree that has proven to be of benefit to those with metastatic breast cancer. So why, then, is it so difficult to have a botanical substance sourced, tested, and approved for sale? (more…)


I don't have any difficulty believing the greed and self-interest this book highlights of big corporations. I, too, am a firm believer in natural treatment whenever it's possible. Congrats on BOTD!


This book is very educative and interesting. I guess it's a must read for everyone.


This book offers alternative ways to treat cancer and that seems very interesting. This book is very informative also entertaining to read. Its clear and concise writing, makes it an easy read. Will definitely check this one out. Congrats on BOTD


A tribute to her father's work in green molecular biology, Sylvie Beljanski's book has a positive message and seems to be backed by scientific and statistical data as well as professional studies in the field. It also flows smoothly as it includes personal stories and the author's struggle to make her father's work known to more people. Congrats on BOTD!


Thanks for the sample, but this book isn't relevant to me or anyone I know. Even if it was, I wouldn't want to chance my life on unproven holistic or alternative therapies, not with something as deadly as cancer.


The fight to beat cancer is one very dear to me. While I do not discount modern medicine at all, I do believe that natural healing should go hand in hand in a balanced way and I feel very passionate about it. I think that such an approach would be most beneficial to all people. I think that closing ones mind wholly to either way of health and healing is detrimental to ones self and our society as a whole. Congrats to the author on #BOTD and terrific reviews.


The two natural remedies the author discussed in this book for the treatment of cancer would prove to be a great relief for the patients of cancer. An enlightening book and it tells the harsh facts about the lobbies of pharmaceutical corporations.


This book gives thoughtful insight about cure for cancer to the readers. Awesome book worth reading


Not everyone is open to go down the alternative route to cure cancer, but if you or someone you know is interested, then this would be the book.


I read the free sample on amazon, and I'm shocked on how the FDA could do such a thing. This book is the cure for cancer. I'm nit that person who is interested in the medicine world, but this book is an eye catcher and I believe that it has a lot of information. Congratulations on being BOTM and BOTD!


This is a fascinating look at not only alternative cancer treatments, but also the greed that plagues the medical empire in the Western world. Congrats on #BOTD!


Anyone who has been let down by Western medicine or those readers who are open to natural healing methods and want to learn about alternative cancer treatments should get their hands on this book. I will pass for now. Congrats to the author on BOTD and BOTM! 👏👏👏


This book comes in handy, and full of advice and useful information. Congrats on BOTD and BOTM!


I also believe that there are alternative cures for almost everything and some people just want to make profit creating synthetic medicine that might or might not help instead of taking and exploring what mother nature gives us freely. The topic of the book is pretty serious and it is good that the author mingles it with anecdotes about corporations and governments and their greediness. It will make the book much easier to read. Congratulations on becoming BOTD!


With so many people affected by cancer today, it is good to know of alternative medicines to combat the disease. I know several people who are going through the chemo and radiation treatments now. I think this would be a good book to read to see if it could help. Congratulations on being chosen BOTD.


I actually read this one because I'm so interested in alternative treatments. It's very enlightening and in some ways sad. Congrats on book of the day and book of the month! It's definitely worth a read. Good luck on furthering your research and getting the book out there.


Sylvie Beljanski tells the readers all about her father’s alternative treatments of cancer and how the pharmaceutical industry tries to keep this information under wraps. Sounds like an enlightening #nonfiction read about curing #cancer with natural treatments. Good luck! ‬


It's interesting to see how different methods work on illnesses like cancer. It's also interesting to see how few people know about these methods. This seems like an informative book.


I just learned that today's #BOTD is also OBC's #BOTMfor January! This information sounds incredibly helpful and very interesting, especially to those who are affected directly or indirectly by #cancer. My mom passed away a year ago this month after her battle with brain cancer. Hopefully, people take it upon themselves to read this one - I wish I had valuable info like this years ago. Your optimism and enthusiasm toward the subject has definitely sparked great curiosity within me, and I greatly appreciate it! :-)


Cancer being a deadly disease with less information about it, I will love to read Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski to learn on the same. Congratulations to the author.


The author wants to win the war on cancer with natural remedies stemming from her father's research. She has scientific data to back up her claims, but the pharmaceutical industry is a giant that she won't slay on her own.


Winning the War on Cancer is an informative book about the methods to control the cancer for everyone at any age. It is a book containing medical techniques for the survival of cancer patients.


This is an amazing book on alternative healing methods and surviving cancer. The book is a medical non-fiction novel and has an inciteful OnlineBookClub review that detailed the book perfectly. I rated the book 3 out of 4 stars. Congrats @SylvieBeljanski for the BOTD.


While it seems like a wonderful book, I don't have cancer and have to pass. Thanks and congrats on being the BOTD & month of January!


Having had countless positive experiences with it, I'm a firm believer in alternative medicine myself, because no matter what, nature is king. I also understand how frustrating it can be when arrant greed of the powers that be in certain areas make things unnecessarily difficult. I applaud the author in her courage to voice out these ills and forge on to complete her father's work. This book will be a good fit for anyone needing such valuable information on alternative routes to defeating cancer. Congrats on BOTD.


BOTD and BOTM in one stroke! A non-fiction book that offers an unconventional cure for cancer sounds intriguing. Cancer is a terrible disease and any new cure gives one hope. Well done to the author for donating all the proceeding. Thank you and good luck!


A book giving us a different approach to fighting cancer. Congrats on being BOTD.


Critical to read if you know anyone with Cancer”
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