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"Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure"

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    Winning the War on Cancer Book of the Year

    “Winning The War On Cancer is eye-opening. The author explains how science, which should be moved by curiosity and open-mindedness, has become dogmatic. She also describes why and how the pharmaceutical industries operate to extend sickness instead of to eradicate it, and offers empowering insight on the importance of being an active participant in the decisions taken for your health instead of accepting everything doctors say as irrefutable truth. However, and perhaps this is the most admirable given her personal history, the author doesn’t dismiss traditional treatments, she endorses a well-rounded approach to health.”

    Hudson News Winning The War On Cancer

    “Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure by Sylvie Beljanski is a must-read for anyone seeking information on cancer and holistic health.”

    “I think that Winning The War On Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski is one of those books that people should read.
    What I love most about the book is that, though the book’s main point is cancer and its treatment, it also touches on areas that are vital to leading a healthy life.”

    Winning the War on Cancer Book Signing Sylvie Beljanski

    “I would recommend this book to anyone, but would suggest it to people who want to find out about cancer, and it’s treatment, prospective, natural solutions for it and tips on living healthy. Its topics are very well explained so you don’t have to have a medical degree to completely comprehend.
    I give this novel a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.”

    “This book read like a thriller. It was a lovely combination of conspiracy, science, history and natural medicine. I especially loved how the concepts were made as clear as day by her intuitive style of writing.”
    Nicholas Christian

    “It was easy to determine how to rate the book. The book’s immediacy, honesty, and the struggle for greater goals grabbed me from the very first pages, as did the author. This is the exact reason I ultimately decided to rate the book five out of five stars.”

    “This book will leave you wide-eyed and intrigued with each turn of a page.”

    Winning The War on Cancer, Hudson News

    “Story of hope and determination that could lead us to a cancer-free world.
    I loved reading this book so much. It’s a book of hope for everybody as far as health is concerned .”
    Florence Nalianya

    “This book revealed to me that there is hope on the other side of this war we are fighting as the world. A war Sylvie has a stake in and is willing to go the extra mile to win.”

    “It is such a dangerous reality that is presented in the face of this book’s reader, and for this same reason, I think it is one of the best books both informatively and narratively.
    I can only rate such a quality work 5 out of 5 stars.”

    “I give it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. This rating is because of how educational this book was to me. I recommend it to cancer researchers and medical practitioners who want to introduce integrative medicine into their treatment of cancer.”

    “I believe the information in this book will be useful for everyone since it is possible that even if we do not suffer from cancer, we may have family members or friends who struggle against this disease.”

    “Reeking of the writing style of a lawyer — justify and inform — rather than that of a scientist — to inform only. Therefore, I will give this book 5 out of 5 stars. And I would recommend it to all medical research personnel and everyone in search of a cure for cancer.”

    “This has been a smooth read for me, and I so much appreciate how well-written and well-researched this book is. I must say that what I like in this book, which I so much appreciate and also find to be one of its greatest strengths, is its thorough grounding in scientific research, with numerous published articles and treatment protocols cited throughout.”

    “An entertaining read, particularly given the high stakes of the research and the ongoing destruction wrought by cancer.
    A dramatic account of a controversial natural cancer treatment.”
    KIRKUS Reviews

    “This book possesses information that serves as an eye-opener and could help save lives of people all around the world.”

    “It is a gripping story of how a natural remedy for cancer and HIV was discovered by a French scientist Mirko Beljanski, the injustices he experienced while trying to prove its benefits, and the extent to which the established medical institutes went in order to discredit him and his work.”

    “It had me engrossed, and it was a quick read. With that in mind, I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I believe that nature holds the cure to many other chronic diseases besides cancer. I recommend this book to people who have an interest in learning more about cancer. The author had a journey of many ups and downs; therefore, this story can motivate readers not to give up. This book is suitable for all audiences.”
    David Isaji

    “When I saw this book titled Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure by Sylvie Beljanski, I got interested because it promised to talk about natural cures of cancer that exist but are blocked by big pharmaceutical companies to protect their interests, not of the people and the patients. Not only is this book shocking, but it is also unbelievably good and educative!”

    “Sylvie Beljanski highlights what the drug industries do not want us to know. Written in a persuasive language, I could not help but continue reading the book’s eye-opening truths. I wish more and more people would pick up this book.”
    Alice Ngugi

    “I have found it to be a very inspirational and informational book. The research itself made me enthusiastic and got me engrossed with the book. This book deserves a 5 out of 5 star rating because it’s not like any other memoir, it is a cause.”
    Vivienne Nat

    Winning The War On Cancer

    “This book stands out from others I have read. The information presented is truly groundbreaking and has the potential to positively impact the lives of many. It is crucial that more people are made aware of alternative treatments for illnesses such as cancer instead of solely relying on traditional methods.

    I was impressed with the author’s style and tone, which effectively convey important information in a relatable and easy-to-understand manner. The book delves into complex scientific concepts, but the author’s use of definitions and explanations in brackets, as well as footnotes and an extensive appendix, helped to clarify any confusion. Additionally, I appreciated the author’s thoroughness, particularly in the personal anecdotes and vivid descriptions shared throughout the book, which evoked a strong emotional response from the reader.”

    “I love the educational quality of this book. Reading it with an open mind will result in gaining a lot of information concerning health that will interest many readers. Every piece of information in this book is backed both scientifically and medically, so there is no chance of getting misinformed about anything. The author wrote about the suppression of holistic approaches to the treatment of illnesses in the medical field. She brought the politicization of the scientific and medical fields to the reader’s knowledge. There is a lot to learn from this informative book about health, cancer treatment, and how politics messes up the entire health sector…I rate Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski 5 out of 5. This is a must-read for everyone regardless of whether or not you have cancer because you can learn a whole lot about the illness, and the knowledge may come in handy at some point in your life.”

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    "Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure"

    "I really enjoyed my read. Starting from how the story started, which led to the creation of this foundation, which has been so helpful, I loved the fact that despite the stronger forces, they were still able to push through to success. I enjoyed the narrative pattern, the pictures, and the links in the book. I read further than this book, as I also did some research to get more information about this foundation."

    Thompson G.

    "Every adult or young adult in the globe who wants to learn more about the medical system, as well as all those who want to become medical professionals, should read this book, in my opinion. I appreciate how the author made her material understandable to those without a background in medicine. Sylvie Beljanski has demonstrated how the work is done while also desiring the best for her patients in a world of business-minded people. Because the book is simultaneously educated, perceptive, comprehensive, and inspirational, I'm a satisfied reader."


    "I must say that I love Sylvie’s personality. Despite all the obstacles she faced, she still succeeded. I think her character is worth emulating. This book was a straightforward read for me. I must say, I didn’t even take a nap or rest until I finished reading. Every part of this book was interesting and never tiresome. I also acknowledge the author's insight that there was no condemnation of any remedy for treating cancer."

    Goody B.

    "This book was no doubt a fantastic read for me. …..My love for this book is beyond writing. I loved the way the author talked with passion in this book and let her readers feel the enthusiasm of her interest in her speech."

    Charles A.

    "The book will enable cancer patients to think critically before making rash decisions to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy. … Even though I am not a doctor or a cancer patient, I still learned many things that are helpful to me. This book will save so many lives. I will rate this novel 5 out of 5 stars due to its valuable, life-saving content."

    John B.

    "All I can say is wow! If there is ever a book that will change your life, this is the one."

    Kirsten S.

    "I must say that this book is indeed a wonderful gift to us all; it's a source of hope for everyone battling this disease called cancer."


    "I suggest this book to those who are interested in learning more about cancer because it has a wealth of useful information. This book should be fascinating and instructive for health aficionados."

    Elendu Clement

    "This book is far too unique if I’m supposed to put it on paper. I liked every bit of knowledge I gained from each page I flipped through. The chapters of this book shed light on family, sacrifice, justice, health, and so on. I also like Sylvie's character so much and how she pushed on in her journey regardless of the rough road and tough times; she still persevered. This book gives hope to the hopeless and life to the weak. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this memoir. The author has a good writing style, and throughout the book, it was error-free. The author also did a good job giving every scientific aspect its precise name. I must say, this book is way too good to be true. I rate Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski 5 out of 5 stars."


    "The book is expertly crafted, with a smooth and captivating narrative style. The author, Ms. Beljanski, effectively weaves in her own experiences as she educates readers on the potential of alternative and natural cancer treatments. Rather than taking a confrontational stance, she presents a balanced view and emphasizes the positive outcomes that can be achieved through these approaches, while maintaining a respectful tone towards the conventional medical community."

    Lamb G.

    "I give Sylvie Beljanski's book Winning The War On Cancer five out of five stars because it was a comfortable read rather than a technical dissertation, which was a wise choice on the author's part. It is also a very instructive and instructional book.

    I would recommend Sylvie Beljanski's book Winning The War On Cancer to allopathic and alternative healthcare providers, as well as to people who are battling cancer or have a loved one who is doing so. I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to learn why it's crucial to take responsibility for their health."


    "If you are battling cancer — or are a cancer caregiver who wants to bring a change — this book is for you. You will learn more about how natural alternatives could help us win the war on cancer."

    Ace John

    "Winning the War on Cancer makes it clear that the world harbors a lot of secrets, and that there are powerful organizations that seek to control the information we consume. Where there's money, there's politics, and politics inform every aspect of our lives. This book is political, but it's also personal and intimate…. I loved that it is unflinching in its message. It takes guts to tell the truth in the face of great intimidation."

    Nkuna John

    "In 1971, Richard Nixon allocated $1.5 billion to help fight the rise of cancer diagnoses, but it seems that nothing has been able to stop the continued rise of the disease. Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski confronts this reality, and it also confronts the reasons why Dr. Mirko Beljanski's monumental work on fighting cancer hasn't found traction in the world of healthcare and wellness."

    Philip M.

    "Proudly, I rate this book five out of five stars. There is nothing I dislike about this book. I am happy I encountered this book, as I learned various things from it, and I will share this information with others. I recommend Winning the War on Cancer to cancer patients, health professionals who are ready and willing to break the barriers we face today in the health profession, and teachers, so they enlighten students with the truth."

    Chimereucheya O.

    "I'm amazed by Sylvie Beljanski's passion to keep her father's research alive. In my opinion, it was so despicable that Beljanski's life-saving discoveries were destroyed because of politics and selfish interests. Despite the hurdles, Beljanski Foundation has sprung up stronger than ever and numerous research have been done on Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria extracts that have proven their effectiveness in eliminating even the most malignant cancer stem cells. By that, we are assured of total elimination without the risk of recurrence or metastasis. It is wonderful and awe-inspiring"


    "I recommend this book to people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. I believe that readers in the medical field should find this book eye-opening. It could also be a premise for further research."

    Bees I.

    "I recommend the book to cancer patients who are looking for other ways to fight their different illnesses. The book may shed light on a topic that may be new to most, and it may be helpful to someone in dire need of alternative remedies."

    Martin S.

    "This book is one of the best nonfiction books I have read. From the start of this book until the end, it was unique, and I enjoyed every aspect of it. My knowledge of science helped me better understand the scientific aspect of this book, and I now appreciate it even more. The book was beyond my imagination, as I thought the book was basically about natural treatments for cancer. It went beyond that, as the book went on to explain the foundation, the negatives and positives encountered, and also those who were involved in spreading the treatment to those in desperate need of it."

    Jerry A.

    "I found this book to be incredibly captivating and well-written. I genuinely appreciated the considerable amount of personality injected into the story by the author. I believe she possesses an incredible talent as a storyteller, adding plenty to my enjoyment of the book."

    Kendal L.

    "It's the kind of book that would appeal to people who aren't afraid to try new things, those who see the world as a place of hidden treasures meant to be discovered."

    Macha M.

    "To say the least, I thought that the whole book was fascinating. I loved every bit of it."

    Ordan B.

    "There are so many things to like about this book. Sylvie highlights her unmatched passion for finding a cure for cancer. This passion seems to have been passed down to her by her father. She discussed her research work, and I was amazed by the extent scientists could go to find a cure for a common malady. I liked the way she illustrated this book by adding pictures to help keep her story flowing and smooth. I appreciate these illustrations because they helped me keep track of certain events she wrote about."

    Chris Alex P.

    "Winning The War On Cancer is the story of the discovery of a promising natural remedy for cancer. It is an educative book that is full of inspiring quotes, footnotes and photographs which come together to bring the book to life, keeping readers interested as pages turn. I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars. I was unable to deduct any stars from the rating as I thoroughly enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end, able to pick up pieces of information and building my overall knowledge of scientific approach to finding cures for cancer, analyzing the effectiveness and the ultimate success rate each remedy had when they were experimented. "

    Courtney Leigh

    "Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski comprises scientific ideas and personal stories that are told by the author as a way of continuing her father's work. Sylvie Beljanski is the daughter of Mirko Beljanski (PhD), a scientist who joined the prestigious Pasteur Institute in 1951. He achieved quite a number of noteworthy scientific breakthroughs, chief amongst those being his natural cure for cancer. You read that correctly. Sylvie Beljanski believes that a cure for cancer has been around for many years, and this book serves as proof of how this cure was achieved and why it hasn't hit the shelves yet."

    Maruo M.

    "This is unlike any other book I’ve read. The information shared in the book is earth-shattering and can change the lives of millions of people if used well. More people must know about alternative cures to cancer and other diseases instead of conventional medicine. I loved the writing style and tone used in the book to deliver the message in an informative yet very conversational way. While the book discusses some complex biological elements, it doesn’t feel as intimidating."

    Maureen W.

    "The book was expertly edited and well-written. It is a self-help, inventive and inspirational book. I thoroughly loved reading about winning the war against cancer and couldn't think of anything that it lacked. I will give Winning The War On Cancer a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. It was written well. I believe that a lot of people should read this book because it is so fantastic. It would be especially helpful to those fighting the war against cancer. I would suggest Sylvie Beljanski's book Winning The War On Cancer to doctors and healthcare professionals, cancer patients and family members of cancer patients. I believe it is appropriate for everyone."


    "Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure is a fascinating and eye-opening book for anyone who has been touched by cancer. It was captivating from the very beginning and easy to read throughout. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has been touched by cancer, as well as those who are interested in the world of alternative medicine."

    Amy N.

    "I recommend this book to cancer researchers. The information in this book may prove to be vital in helping humanity in its quest to defeat cancer. This book will also be helpful to medical practitioners who wish to employ integrative medicine in cancer treatment."

    Kenneth O.

    "I recommend it to lovers of new knowledge, medical students, pharmacists, cancer patients and survivors, friends, family members, or relatives of people diagnosed with cancer because they would find the content of this book helpful."


    "This book is highly educative and informative. The author found it thoughtful to talk about cancer, a deadly disease that has claimed many lives. Continuing her father's work is a tremendous effort to help cure this disease. She discusses natural medicines to cure the disease. Though scientific methods and cures have been made to help reduce the effects of this disease, the author gives room for readers to consider a natural remedy. I learned from the book that the cure her father made is gotten from a tree called Pao Pereira. It has several benefits that can end the struggle with cancer."


    “The contents of the book are communicated in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Although the topic revolves around medical issues, the author avoids using medical jargon unnecessarily, thereby making the book more readable for a layperson. I like that the book contains very informative content on medical issues that are beneficial to any person, especially those affected by cancer-related issues. The inclusion of anecdotes that refer to life experiences of Sylvie is something I found to be very refreshing, as it gave me a respite from the medical information.”

    Duwire Banda

    “In Winning the War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure, author Sylvie Beljanski offers an erstwhile overlooked cancer treatment method. The use of natural plant extracts that the author champions is the brainchild of her late father and respected scientist, Mirko Beljanski. The author details her family's struggle in their quest to ensure that cancer patients have access to a natural cure.”


    “I recommend this book to medical students, scientists, or anyone interested in medical books or learning more about cancer and natural treatment options.”

    Leasa Ana Maria

    “The topic of 'cancer' piqued my interest. Most of the time, I cry for the people who are going through this, especially the children. I don't have any close friends who are patients, but hearing people's survival stories sometimes makes my heart ache. Treatments are prohibitively expensive, painful, exhausting, and never-ending. The author of Winning the War on Cancer has made it her life mission to provide natural relief to these patients.”


    “Words can’t describe how much this book meant to me. I am desperately ready to give my all to fight this war against cancer. Early this year, I lost my foster mother to breast cancer. Seeing her in that terrible state remains the worst memory I have of her. It seemed as if everyone was sick at home. This was because every penny at home was invested in her health, yet she was in excruciating pain that seemed to last forever. Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski is a book that inspires you beyond your wildest imagination. My foster mother would have lived a little longer if only I had access to those plant extracts discussed in this book.”


    “Sylvie was full of virtue. She took so many bold steps in this book. I loved the effort she had put in order to fulfill the promise she had made to her father. I was intrigued with the way this book started. It was really captivating. While I read this book, I started to imagine what it would be like for people to look up to you for something that you know you don’t really have. This book has really inspired me. The reason why I love this book is that it is a non-fiction book. After reading this book, I started to confirm its credibility, and the result was impressive.”

    Third Agbata

    “There are some things I love about this book. First, I so much liked the way the author started the book. It totally drew me in. Secondly, this book was easy to understand because of the way the author organized her writing. Third, the book provides advice for various industries that face similar problems, not just the medical sector. This book is not just about pushing across a narrative or making a point. It is much more. I really liked Sylvie's storytelling style.”

    Victoria Ukamaka

    “What I liked about this book was how detailed the author was in everything she said and how highly instructive it was regarding health items. I also liked that the author did not use a lot of difficult-to-understand medical jargon; instead, the book was quite simple to understand. I was impressed by the author's ability to discuss his father's research despite the fact that she was not a scientist.”

    Angel Mkhize

    “This is an inspiring and educational book. There were many qualities about the author that I considered admirable. Firstly, the author's desire to keep up with the legacy of her father was inspiring. It was great to see Sylvie carrying on with the good works of her father. I liked that the author provided facts and figures. This is proof that thorough research was done. This was an informative book, and it was great to learn about the things I did. I understood the reason natural remedies are unable to thrive in the health industry.”


    “I appreciate the way this book brings to light the conspiracies inside pharmaceutical industries to suppress discoveries that can relieve the pain of people. Cancer has caused the deaths of many people and day by day. The number of people diagnosed with it increases. This book is light amidst darkness as it offers hope to the world that is losing in this war with cancer.”

    Benard Achuku

    “There were many aspects of this book that I enjoyed. I liked how the author went over all of the educational aspects of it. This book was very helpful in resolving many health-related issues using alternative remedies. I liked how the author used simple language to describe several plant extracts from the same botanical family. I learned a lot about plant extracts that can cure diseases just like synthetic drugs. I commend the author for her thorough research in creating this informative and heartwarming book.”

    Harry Torsney