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"Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure"

That promising research for a natural cure for cancer can be destroyed by multiple powerful forces is outrageous beyond words! Yet, that is exactly what happened and kudos to Sylvie Beljanski for bringing her family story to light. In her book “Winning the War on Cancer: the Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure” - also available in French as « Gagner la lutte contre le cancer: la découverte dont la République n’a pas voulu » - the author reveals her fight all the way to the European court to save her parents lifelong work and their freedom, and how she abandoned her own career to continue her father’s legacy. She tells her story in a very compelling manner, and as one way or another we all are affected by cancer I encourage everyone to read her book to understand how a system can undermine our chances for quality of life.

Danielle Hampson, Executive Producer, “The Authors Show®” and “Le podcast des auteurs”

"Winning the War on Cancer" is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the challenges of thinking outside the box in our medical system. In these pages Sylvie brings to life an incredible story of how her father's pioneering work to understand and fight cancer was almost squashed by the French government--and how she formed the Beljanski Foundation to carry on her father's research and legacy.

It is also a timely narrative given the current state of our healthcare system, which focuses almost exclusively on treating illness with expensive drugs that come with a host of terrible side effects when, in many cases, a cheaper, safer, and more effective remedy lies in Nature. Why don't we hear about them? Because, as Sylvie writes, a lot of people profit from the status quo and are threatened by any challenges to it. Profit over people, plain and simple.

This book is not a research manual full of arcane "scientese" that leaves the reader scratching their head: Sylvie takes you on a journey, and her narrative is full of heart and hope. "Winning the War on Cancer" inspires us to pursue truth and science despite the many roadblocks that special interests and government bureaucrats throw in our way.

Gretchen DuBeau, Executive Director, Alliance for Natural Health

Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure by Sylvie Beljanski is the story of the discovery and suppression of a promising natural remedy for cancer.

Based on death rates, the war on cancer seems like a war lost, but Beljanski knows that there’s a different story. Her father, Mirko Beljanski, was a research scientist who discovered the anticancer powers of Pao pereira, a tree native to the Amazon, and Rauwolfia vomitoria, which is extracted from African root bark.

These substances did what chemotherapy and radiation couldn’t do for French president François Mitterrand. But the traditional medical establishment was threatened by progress that doctors didn’t understand. An involved legal battle ensued, keeping these remedies from reaching people who need them, but also transforming the relationship between a father and his daughter—and launching Sylvie into a crusade, sworn on her father’s deathbed, to keep working to make them available.

The journey in the book is both personal and scientific. While the scientific portion is certainly shocking and promising, it the personal story that is more unexpected and compelling. Beljanski’s journey of understanding her father as a researcher, grasping his immense impact, and wrestling with the opposition he faced is stirring, inviting others, especially young researchers, to pursue a cure with determination.

The book is a narrative woven with scientific research and exciting stories of healing. The style balances exposition, dialogue, and narrative to keep the story moving forward in a way that’s richly textured. The pace is methodical, befitting the diligent nature of both scientific research and law. The voice is impartial in its portrayal of science and law, but has the passion and urgency of a dedicated daughter who’s unnerved by the suppression of lifesaving treatment.

Winning the War on Cancer fuels both indignation and hope in the face of cancer.


Sylvie Beljanski writes a “must-read” if you are involved in any way with cancer and chronic disease. Whether a current patient or caregiver, a survivor, a researcher, an author/speaker, or a physician, the information in this book is ground-breaking, exciting, and essential to know. Indeed, even if you do not have anything to do with cancer and chronic disease currently, with the new data leaning towards 1 in 2 people receiving a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes, you will want to read this book! The book is easy to read, as told through Sylvie’s viewpoint as first a child and then as an adult professional seeking truth and justice in the medical and scientific field. Filled with excellent scientific information and sources, it is also an educational journey. It was so sincere, captivating, poignant, and educational – all at the same time: I loved it!

Annie Brandt, Survivor/Thriver, Founder & President Emerita of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation

A riveting read – dramatically detailing the unlawful raid of a French medical laboratory, the confiscation of its groundbreaking products and research – and the apparent poisoning of its founder in 1997.

Sylvie Beljanski recounts the accomplishments of her father – the brilliant biochemist Miko Beljanski – toward Winning the War on Cancer and his downfall at the hands of political and professional foes.

In this real-life page turner, Sylvie highlights a journey more fascinating than fiction: little known, but natural treatments that extended the life French President Francois Mitterand in his secret battle with prostate cancer – and patients who beat the odds when AIDS was considered a death sentence.

Upon her father’s mysterious death, Sylvie leaves her career as an accomplished New York attorney – first, winning the case to clear his name in the European Court of Human Rights – and later carrying on his mission to isolate botanical extracts that ward off aggressive disease.

Today, that quest continues at The Beljanksi Foundation, where Sylvie and her mother, Monique, help fund vital research in the important field of environmental medicine.

Patricia Etheridge, Former CNN Correspondent, Professor of Journalism, Georgia State University

Sylvie’s book is a true winner. She discusses a groundbreaking scientific approach to understanding and treating cancer based on her father’s solid scientific findings while also portraying her personal trials and tribulations in trying to continue her father’s research and clinical work. All of this is presented while showing how the medical and scientific establishment go to almost any length to try to stop innovation and treatment with natural unpatentable remedies, so that the pharmaceutically driven status quo can be maintained.

Michael B. Schachter, MD, CNS, Director of the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine

Winning the War on Cancer: An Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure goes beyond the usual low-toxin advice to share beating and preventing cancer at the DNA level based on the research of scientist Mirko Beljanski. Sylvie Beljanski, his daughter, questions why his nontoxic, scientifically validated protocols for cancer were once rejected by the medical community but over time have no come to be recognized for their efficacy and benefits; she shares where to find the plant-and nucleic acid-based protocols that are effective at saving lives.

David Steinman, author Diet for a Poisoned Planet and Safe Trip to Eden: 10 Steps to Save Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown and publisher HealthyLiving Magazine

This story will shake you to the core, it will anger, enlighten, inspire, give you hope, and make you giggle. Mostly it will convince you that without the shadow of a doubt, cancer can be cured, and that the monster behind the curtain does not even exist.

Alex Lubarsky, author of The Art of Selling The Art of Healing: How the Rebels of Today are Creating the Healthcare of Tomorrow and why your Life Depends on It

With Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure, Sylvie Beljanski offers an eye-opening glimpse into natural cancer cures, and the many lives they’ve saved and changed. It’s a powerful journey of dedication and discovery, changing the face of cancer research, and offering real hope to the millions of cancer patients struggling to survive.

Michele Cagan, Editor, Health Sciences Institute Members Alert

"An Epic Story."

Dr. John Hall

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